How To Break In The Hockey Skates

You have just owned a new pair of hockey skates and are eager to try it immediately. These new hockey skates become an indispensable supporter for you to enjoy your game. However, for those who use this new type of footwear for the first time, it is sure that you may feel uncomfortable because they do not fit your feet, as well as the materials of this hockey skates are too stiff. You might try to take off your new hockey skates as soon as possible due to this unpleasant feeling. What you need to do in order to solve this issue is finding an effective way to break them in.

Breaking a pair of hockey skates in is very important to you because this work can make your favorite footwear become softer, more comfortable, and stretcher, then as the result, you can avoid getting unhopeful injuries and pain during wearing it. Before trying to break your hockey skates in, you should keep in mind that what you are going to do with your hockey skates will not change the original structure and function of them. You must make sure that your feet still be protected as well as supported for the game.

Normally, when you buy your hockey skates at a store, the seller can assist you to do this work. However, don’t be worry because you can totally break them in at your home with very simple ways. Here are 3 top common and easy ways for your reference:

Wearing your new hockey skates

downloadIf your hockey skates are not too tight and you can still move with less pain, let try to wear it in a short period of time and repeat this work several times. It may take a few days to break them in completely. Remember when wearing your hockey skates, don’t forget to put on your socks with them. You should choose the thick ones so that they can act as the pad or cushion which protect your feet and ankles from pain. If you feel uncomfortable or painful, you should stop wearing and try at other time.

Using a blow dryer

5500897d04be8-remington-keratin-therapy-hair-dryer-xlDo you know that your hair dryer can have a variety of useful function in your life? You can use the blow dryer not only to dry your hair, stretch tight shoes but also to break your hockey skates in. All you need to prepare is the best hair dryer for daily use and turn on the low mode and heat them up from 10 to 12 minutes.

Using a kitchen oven

ct9800shssWithout a specific skate oven, you can still break your hockey skate by using the oven in your kitchen. You put your skates on the baking sheet and place them into the kitchen oven. Choose 175 degrees and bake your skates from 6 to 8 minutes. Then you check whether they are soft enough or not, if not, you continue baking for a few minutes until you get your desired result.

One thing you should remember is that when using your hair dryer and kitchen oven, you should carry out your task carefully and properly as well as pay attention to the temperature of that equipment, if not, your skates can be damaged terribly.